Become a skipper



Even if you do not have a boat, even if you do not have any experience, but you are tempted by the sea, ​you can make your dream come true – to sail the sea, participate in races or rent a yacht in the warm waters and relax all year round!

Your benefits

  • you will get theoretical knowledge and practical experience on boat navigation and will be trained for the ICC license exams at CSDD;
  • City Yacht Club is a certified training office by CSDD;
  • we provide the necessary technical equipment and the necessary nautical miles acquisition;
  • With ICC certificate you will be able safely navigate in inland waterways and rent a yacht anywhere in the world.

Who can apply?

  • anyone interested to learn sailing and boat navigation with or without boating experience;
  • you do no need to own a boat, we provide sailing boat for practical training;
  • separate courses are organised in Latvian and Russian languages.
  • individual courses also available

Skipper course

  • Meteorology
  • Technical part of yacht building and repair
  • Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics
  • Loci
  • Navigation
  • Technical navigation aids
  • Rigging
  • Heavy weather boat handling
  • COLREGS – International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • Maritime law
  • Sailing ethics
  • GMDSS, radio communication
  • First aid

Skipper course

  • Sailing manoeuvres
  • Yacht mooring
  • Boat handling in different weather conditions
  • Yacht’s course and sea lane
  • Man overboard


​Theory course​63h / 3 months​850 €
Practical training3-20 h​30/h
Nautical miles​500 nm​to agree

Skipper course – calendar

The course repeats 3 times per year
in March, September and December

1. group:
Sept. – Nov.
2. group:
Dec. – Feb.
3. group:
Mar. – May
Theoretical course in Riga, Ķīpsala, Balasta dambis

in Latvian (Mo. & We. 18:00-21:00)
in Russian (Tu. & Th. 18:00-21:00)
​May – Oct.Practical trainings and exams take place in
City Yacht Club: Riga, Kipsala, Balasta dambis
​Apr. – trips 500 miles in Greece, the Baltic Sea or other waters
as agreed with the members of the group

The process of obtaining ICC licence

kapteiņu kursi


Teorētiskā apmācība skolas kursos Theoretical learning in school courses and exam 3h course twice per week 3 months.

kapteiņu kursi

Practical training

Practical training and school exam. 3-20h, depending on your skills.

Exams at CSDD

Theoretical and practical exam at CSDD. You can pass exams at CSDD in any order, agreed with CSDD in advance.​

Nautical miles

Nautical miles. Each year we organise a group of sailors in Greece.

ICC licence issuing process is regulated by MK regulations No. 619. Find out more at CSDD homepage

About City Yacht Club sailing school

Our sailing school is founded in 2007. Since 2013 the school is certified by the CSDD and the Latvian Sailors’ Union for obtaining the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC certificate)

We provide theoretical training for all categories of ICC certificate (IS, C1S, C2S, C3S, IM, C1M, C2M, C3M) and practical training for all categories (IS, C1S, C2S, C3S).

Classes at the school are conducted by experienced sailors with the qualifications of a long-distance sailing captain and experience in course management.

All courses are held in City Yacht Club, Riga, Balasta dambis 

Rolands Millers
mob. ph. +371 2 2012 776
Rīga, Ķīpsala, Balasta dambis

Our teachers